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San Francisco, CA., October 26.2015

At GoodFoods, we provide expert and consumer reviews of everyday grocery products while also creating a community in which you can share your own product experiences and suggestions. Welcome! We think there are a lot of benefits to sharing your recommendations with others resulting in a better user experience for everyone.

We’ll regularly be sending you useful tips based on the top brands and recommendations as rated on GoodFoods. In this issue, we’re looking at coffee — everyone’s favorite way to start the day!

Here are GoodFoods top six coffees as rated by experts and consumers:

1. JBC Coffee Roasters "Las Flores Costa Rica"

JBC Coffee Roasters “Los Flores Costa Rica” -- Earning 5/5 stars from chefs, nutritionists, and food bloggers, this silky-bodied coffee has notes of citrus, green apple, cinnamon, and complex flowers. Grown in Tarazzu and roasted by a small family-owned business in Wisconsin, the journey to your table was made with care.

2. Topeca Coffee Single Origin Whole Bean Coffee

Also coming in at 5/5, Topeca Coffee Single Origin Whole Bean Coffee (at least the El Salvador Santa Ana version pictured here) is grown at some of the highest lots of Finca el Manzano. These coffees coffee take longer to ripen and result in a cup with more complex acidity and floral aromas.

3. Victrola Coffee Roasters

Named for the home phonograph of the 1920’s, Vitrola Coffee Roasters embrace all of the liveliness, exuberance and fun of roaring 20s jazz.Food blogger Nelson J says Victrola is “the best coffee ever! Smooth and rich and it tastes as good as it smells.”

4. BeanFruit Coffee Co. "Old Route 4 Dark Roast"

Bean Fruit Coffee Co’s Old Route 4 Dark Roast is dedicated to the rustic back roads of Southern Mississippi. Route 4 is a sweet dark roast that's interesting and exciting. Physical therapist Charles A. says, “It is absolutely my favorite coffee, sooo aromatic.”

5. Organic French Roast Blend, 100% Farmer-Owned, Whole Beans

Sourced from farmer-owners around the world, the Organic French Roast Blend from 100% Farmer-Owned is bold and strong with notes of dark chocolate. Food blogger Nelson J. says “This coffee is so good, you don't even need to add sugar.”

6. Willoughby's House Blend

Sweet and mellow and multi dimensional, with notes of milk chocolate, and a nutty aroma, Willoughby Coffees and Teas House Blend coffee is balanced and clean with a smooth finish and a hint of caramel. “Their drip coffee is smooth, flavorful and delicious,” says consumer Kimberly E.

Do you agree? Try these brews yourself and offer your ratings on GoodFoods. We look forward to seeing you there!