Press Releases > GoodFoods and FDA recalls sync

San Francisco, CA December 13.2015

Every week the FDA releases consumer alerts regarding products that have been recalled from store shelves because they put consumers at risk. These products may contain hazardous packaging material, like glass shards, or dangerous diseases like salmonella, which annually infects over a million people, hundreds of whom die as a result.

In 2014 alone, the FDA alerted the public to over 8,000 recalled product, many of which were immediately pulled from grocery store shelves, but some of which were not, putting consumers at risk.

GoodFoods takes the health and well-being of its users seriously, which is why they are pleased to announce the incorporation of FDA synchronization in the latest version of their app. Every time a GoodFoods user scans the barcode of a product that has been recalled by the FDA (and is a part of the GoodFoods system), an alert will show up on the screen. The alert status will stay in affect until the product is safe for consumption. This helpful feature eliminates the need to regularly check for FDA alerts or remember specific products or brand names that have recently been recalled. The GoodFoods app does this automatically, keeping you safe as you shop for your favorite products.