GoodFoods Story

The story behind GoodFoods begins with a personal tale of necessity and invention. On an average afternoon in an ordinary grocery store, San Francisco resident Vitalie, was stuck in a moment of confusion. There were so many labels, so many colors, so many cans and boxes and packages and products. The easy solution would be to grab whatever was closest or most appealing. But Vitalie didn’t want easy. He wanted quality.

Vitalie pulled out his phone and began Googling the products on the shelves in front of him. Sometimes he found useful information and helpful reviews. Other times he found nothing. All alone in the shop, Vitalie realized the power of connecting to a large community, of having access to experts and fellow shoppers who could help guide his decisions.

This was the inspiration behind GoodFoods, an online aggregate of product reviews and recommendations made available with the simple swipe of the screen and scan of a barcode. Using GoodFoods, you bring the experts with you, allowing you to make choices that are intentional and informed.

How it Works

GoodFoods takes a database of everyday grocery items and links them to ratings and reviews from nutritionists, chefs, food writers, and consumers just like you. Using the GoodFoods website and phone app, you can scan the product barcode and instantly see what the GoodFoods community has to say.

GoodFoods strives to offer the latest information on healthy eating options and to provide recommendations and reviews that inform your personal choices. As a member of the GoodFoods community, you can browse the site, check out reviews, and leave your own comments on products you’ve tried. The feedback you provide will help inform others, giving everyone the resources they need to make quality choices.

Our Team


Dumitrita Suditu

Web Developer & Content Manager

Responsible for CSS and HTML, site structure (information and architecture), and daily maintenance of website. Editing and preparation of information for the web site.


Vitalie Scurtu


Passionate about food and technology, Vitalie is taking care for the web development and food recommendation algorithms.


Gianmaria Dalboni

Graphical Web Designer and UI/UX Specialist

His world is made of wireframe, web design, code and a lot of curiosity. He would like to live in a world of lego.


Matteo Gazzurelli

Mobile Developer

More than 8 years of experience in mobile technologies. Passionate about new technologies, wearables and IoT. Matteo takes care of the mobile part of the GoodFoods.